Fitness – How to Workout at Work – 10 Tips

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How do you find time for fitness during the work hours? Look for opportunities to workout at work by periodically exercising throughout your work day. Following are 10 tips for fitting in physical activity while on the job:

1. Walk or bike to work.

If possible, make the most of your commute by walking or biking to work. If you ride the bus, get off a few blocks early and walk the rest of the way. If you must drive, park far away to get in a quick walk.

2. Take the stairs.

If you have a meeting on another floor, get off the elevator a few floors early and use the stairs, or skip the elevator entirely. Use the restroom on another floor and take the stairs.

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3. Schedule fitness breaks.

Take a short walk instead of hanging out in the lounge with coffee or a snack.

4. Start a lunchtime walking group.

Find some co-workers to walk with during lunch breaks. A regular exercise routine and the support of your co-workers may help you stick with the program.

5. Block off time on your calendar.

Schedule physical activity as you would any other appointment during the day. Don’t change your exercise plans for every interruption that comes along. Remind yourself that physical activity is important, too.

6. Plan ahead for work travel.

Bring your jump rope or choose a hotel that has a fitness facility. While waiting for a plane, grab your bags and take a walk.

7. Sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair.

This will strengthen your abs and back. You’ll work on your posture without even trying.

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8. Set goals.

Use a pedometer to track the number of steps you take every day. Set new goals every week or so such as 5,000 steps then 6,000 steps, etc.

9. Use your headset.

Instead of sitting idle at a desk talking on the phone, walk and talk with a headset on.

10. Head to the mall for lunch.

Park far away and eat something healthy. After lunch, go for a quick walk around the mall.

Any movement is better than none, so be creative. By adding short bouts of exercise to your daily routine, you’ll burn more calories and will reduce stress.

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