Fitness Over 45 – Age Defying Fitness Tips For 45 Plus Women to Get Rid of Unwanted Fat in a Month

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It is very essential to become extra cautious regarding fitness after 45 years of age. This is particularly because after this age the body becomes prone to many types of diseases. One can definitely succumb to back ache, arthritis etc., if proper attention is not paid towards the fitness and fat burn factor. If you are over weighted then you must seek options that assures weight loss at a very steady pace.

If you are keen to know the most effective tips that would assure fitness over 45 years of age then you must read on:

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Proper Nutritional Intake:

When you reach the age of 45 you need to pay more attention to the fitness factor. For this you cannot ignore the nutritional requirements while concentrating on the weight loss factor. Actually the bones of women start losing calcium from the very age of 30. Thus, it can be understood that after 45 years the condition might become worse as in this age the mineral loss would be more. In fact, women above 45 must ensure that their calcium intake per day is over 1,200 milligrams. However, if their food items are not meeting these requirements then they should just start taking supplements.

Acai Berry:

The highly recommended Acai Berry diet can also prove to be very beneficial in the process of fat burn. This is because this diet would enhance your calorie consumption intake. However, this diet on the other hand increases the metabolism rate which ultimately leads to significant weight loss.

How Acai Berry Supplements help you

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* You don’t feel hungry throughout the day and as a result you experience weight loss

* The rate of metabolism increases

* You start avoiding soda and coffee

* Further, the herbal mood enhancer of this diet would keep you motivated throughout the day.

Proper Exercises:

Fitness over 45 gets guaranteed by proper exercises. The workouts would help you in the process of fat burn and weight loss. For ensuring this purpose you can opt for either jogging, brisk walking, running, aerobic exercises etc.

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